Busan City Announces the Continuation of Its Popular “Ocean Healing Program” for 2023

Busan City announced that they will be offering the "2023 Second Half Marine Healing Program" every weekend from September 2nd to October 29th.

Maru Kim
Maru Kim

BUSAN – Busan City announced that they will be offering the “2023 Second Half Ocean Healing Program” every weekend from September 2nd to October 29th. This unique marine tourism initiative will take place in seven of the city’s beaches, as well as in the Suyeonggang River’s Naru Park and the Yeongdo Amir Park.

The Ocean Healing Program, set against the picturesque backdrop of Busan’s seas and rivers, aims to promote mental relaxation and physical health. It has rapidly gained popularity, with a whopping 1,000 participants in the first half of the year alone.

For the latter half of 2023, the program will continue to offer four distinct activities: Nordic Walking, Singing Bowl Meditation, Sunset Pilates, and Beach Yoga. These activities will rotate among the locations, offering participants a diverse experience each time.

  • Nordic Walking: An exercise that involves walking on the beach using poles. It’s known to engage over 90% of the body’s muscles, making it effective for posture correction and muscle enhancement.
  • Singing Bowl Meditation: This meditation technique uses the unique sounds and vibrations of a “singing bowl” to alleviate physical tension, reduce stress, and mitigate insomnia.
  • Beach Yoga: A serene morning experience for those looking to engage in gentle stretches and meditation by the sea.
  • Sunset Pilates: A refreshing workout session set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the setting sun.

The participation fee for each program is set at 10,000 won. Those interested can register on a first-come, first-served basis through the official website: Busan Ocean Healing. Additionally, early birds who register by August 31st can enjoy a 10% discount on their fee. Spots that remain available after the online registration will be open for on-site registration.

A representative from Busan City commented, “As societal demand for a balance between work and life grows, therapeutic tourism that offers psychological stability in nature is increasingly in the spotlight.” They added, “The city remains committed to continually exploring diverse marine tourism content, including the Ocean Healing Program, to allow residents and visitors to relish in Busan’s seas and rivers.”

For global readers unfamiliar with Nordic Walking: It’s a form of physical activity where individuals walk with the assistance of specially designed walking poles, similar to ski poles. Originating from Finland, it incorporates movements from cross-country skiing, providing a full-body workout.

Reservations and further details are available at https://litt.ly/2023busan.

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