International Content Contest ‘Talk Talk Korea 2024’ Launched

Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to host global competition from June 28 to August 31.

Maru Kim
Maru Kim

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) announced the launch of the 11th annual ‘Talk Talk Korea 2024’ international content contest. Running from June 28 to August 31, this event invites participants worldwide to share their experiences of Korea’s unique cultural beauty.

Since its inception in 2014, Talk Talk Korea has grown exponentially, becoming the largest content contest of its kind. Last year alone saw over 50,000 entries from 166 countries, showcasing a wide array of perspectives on Korean culture and contributing to the global appreciation and dissemination of Hallyu, the Korean Wave.

This year’s theme, “Experience the Essence of Korea,” aims to capture the authentic beauty of Korea through the eyes of global participants. The contest features five categories:

  1. Promotion Video – Showcasing talents in Korean music, dance, and instrumental performances.
  2. Art & Craft – Including paintings, webtoons, sculptures, and calligraphy.
  3. Motion Graphics – Featuring 2D and 3D animations and motion graphic videos.
  4. Photography – Capturing the essence of Korea through the lens.
  5. Meme & Trend – Highlighting short-form videos such as memes and challenges.

With the global rise in short-form video content, the ‘Meme & Trend’ category has been introduced, and the motion graphics category will now accept short-form submissions, enhancing the contest’s appeal and accessibility through various social media platforms.

In an exciting addition, previous winners will share their experiences and tips in tutorial videos, creating sample works aligned with this year’s theme. K-pop group ‘woo!ah!’ will also participate, producing theme-related content to promote the contest and guide potential participants. An interactive Q&A series titled “Ask Anything About Talk Talk Korea” will further facilitate engagement between past winners and new participants.

The contest will undergo four rounds of judging, culminating in the selection of 80 winners, announced on September 30 via the contest website. Top winners in each category will be awarded an eight-night cultural immersion trip to Korea. Additionally, unique trophies will be presented to the top three winners in each category, with substantial cash prizes of $2,500 and $1,500 for the first-place winners in the Promotion Video and Meme & Trend categories, respectively. Other prizes include smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Talk Talk Korea has significantly contributed to public diplomacy and the global spread of Korean culture. For example, the 2019 contest received a record 32,519 entries, with grand prize winners showcasing professional-grade content that gained global attention through events like the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Cultural Tourism Forum​. The 2017 contest, themed “Bring Your Own Korea,” featured winners from diverse categories, including special subjects like the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Their works were displayed in exhibitions in Seoul, France, and Russia, further promoting Korean culture globally​.

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