Historic Restoration of Busan Customs Building Announced

The restoration project is anticipated to boost tourism and local economy by creating a new cultural landmark in the city.

Maru Kim
Maru Kim

Busan, South Korea – To honor and preserve the city’s rich history, the city of Busan and the Korea Customs Service have announced an agreement to restore the old Busan Customs Building. This historic building, which was demolished in 1979, will be revitalized as a cultural and educational hub.

On June 7, 2024, at 10:30 AM, an official ceremony was held at the Busan City Hall to sign the agreement for the restoration project. Attendees included Busan Mayor Park Hyung-jun and Korea Customs Service Commissioner Ko Kwang-hyo.

The old Busan Customs Building, originally constructed in 1911, stood as a symbol of Busan’s role in international trade. It was a landmark of the city’s economic development but was demolished to make way for infrastructure projects. The restoration of this building is seen as a vital step in reconnecting Busan with its historical roots and enhancing its cultural heritage.

Mayor Park emphasized the importance of the project, stating, “Restoring the old Busan Customs Building connects our past with the present and fosters pride in our city’s identity. This project will also contribute to making Busan a more attractive cultural and historical city.”

The restored building will be a vibrant and multifaceted space, designed to celebrate and preserve the history of Busan Port and the customs service’s vital role. This historic site will house permanent and special exhibition halls, offering visitors an in-depth look into the port’s storied past and the evolution of international trade in the region. Additionally, a multipurpose auditorium and various educational spaces will be created, providing venues for cultural events, lectures, and interactive learning experiences.

To support the preservation of artifacts, the facility will include dedicated storage areas, ensuring that historical items are safely maintained and displayed. Visitors can also look forward to exploring a museum shop and a cozy cafe, both designed to enhance the overall experience. An observation deck will offer panoramic views, allowing guests to appreciate the beauty of Busan and its waterfront.

Spanning approximately 1,022.8 square meters, the two-story structure will be crowned with a four-story tower, blending historical architectural elements with modern functionality. The ambitious project, with a budget of 15.9 billion KRW provided by the national government, is scheduled to commence in 2024. Completion is targeted for December 2026, with a grand opening planned for March 2027, marking a new chapter in the preservation and celebration of Busan’s rich heritage.

The restoration project is anticipated to boost tourism and local economy by creating a new cultural landmark in the city. The restored building will be strategically linked with other major tourist sites, such as the Busan Modern History Museum and the Provisional Capital Memorial Hall, creating a cohesive cultural and historical tourism circuit.

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