Busan to Launch Specialized K-Pop High School, Aiming to Nurture Future Talent

The most notable of these is the "Busan International K-Pop High School" (provisional name), which aims to nurture talents to lead the globally renowned K-pop culture.

Maru Kim
Maru Kim

Busan, South Korea, is set to redefine educational landscapes by establishing a series of specialized high schools, focusing on the city’s key future industries. The most notable of these is the “Busan International K-Pop High School” (provisional name), which aims to nurture talents to lead the globally renowned K-pop culture.

The K-Pop High School: A First in Busan

The Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education revealed plans to transform a soon-to-be-closed middle school into this public high school, scheduled to open in March 2028. This initiative marks Busan’s first public school dedicated to K-pop, situated 320 kilometers southeast of Seoul. The school will recruit students nationwide, including international students, and offer tailored courses in practical arts such as vocals, dance, and instrumentals, catering to the growing K-pop industry.

In addition to the K-pop-focused high school, Busan’s education system is undergoing significant changes. The Busan Office of Education announced a restructuring of the city’s vocational high schools to align with local industries. This initiative, revealed by Busan’s Superintendent of Education, Ha Yun-soo, includes plans for new high schools specializing in port logistics, finance, aviation, and tourism, areas considered key to Busan’s future.

Targeted Schools for Emerging Sectors

  • Busan Port Logistics Meister High School: Set to transform by 2030, this school will focus on smart port and logistics technologies, reflecting Busan’s prominent maritime industry.
  • Busan Aviation High School: Opening in March 2023, this institution will offer courses in aviation maintenance, mechanics, and electronics, capitalizing on the upcoming opening of the new Gadeok Island Airport.
  • Nuclear Technology Sector: Plans are also underway for a specialized high school focusing on nuclear technology, a critical component of Busan’s energy sector.

These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to foster a “settlement-type education system” in Busan, encouraging locals to be born, educated, employed, and married within the city. The introduction of K-pop high school and other specialized institutions aims to attract global talents and retain local students, contributing to the city’s cultural and industrial growth.

Busan’s bold educational reform, spearheaded by Superintendent Ha Yoonsoo, reflects a commitment to preparing students for the city’s future economic pillars. By aligning education with local industry needs and global cultural trends, Busan is positioning itself as a hub of specialized talent and innovation.

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