Busan to Host Job Fair for International Students 2024

Maru Kim
Maru Kim

Busan, South Korea – In an effort to attract and retain global talent, the city of Busan hosted the Job Fair for International Students 2024, coinciding with the rollout of the Specialized Visa program. . The event took place at the Busan Cinema Center and was part of the city’s broader strategy to integrate international graduates into the local workforce through the Specialized Visa program.

The job fair, officially named the “2024 Job Fair for International Students in Busan,” marked its second year following a successful pilot program. Organized by the Busan Metropolitan City Government in collaboration with the Busan Global City Foundation, and supported by the Busan Economic Promotion Agency and the Busan Immigration Office, the event aimed to combat population decline and stimulate the local economy.

The fair was closely aligned with the “Specialized Visa for Outstanding Regional Talent (F-2-R) initiative, overseen by the Ministry of Justice. This initiative allows exceptional foreign graduates from local universities to obtain residency visas, provided they live or work in designated areas facing demographic challenges, such as Seo-gu, Dong-gu, and Yeongdo-gu.

The event saw participation from 21 local companies across various sectors, including manufacturing, hospitality, and wholesale trade. Approximately 300 international students and graduates attended, seeking employment opportunities within these industries. The companies conducted on-site interviews and provided detailed information about job openings, allowing participants to engage directly with potential employers.

The job fair offered a diverse range of activities, including:

  • Specialized Visa Briefing: Detailed sessions on the F-2-R visa process and benefits, including application procedures and updates for 2024, were held, providing crucial information to attendees.
  • On-Site Job Interviews: Companies conducted interviews and provided information about job openings, allowing participants to engage directly with potential employers.
  • Support Services: Additional amenities such as makeup services, personal color analysis, and professional photograph sessions for job applications were available.
  • Information Booths: Dedicated areas offered guidance on visa regulations, employment advice, and living arrangements in Busan.

The “Specialized Visa for Outstanding Regional Talent” program aims to address workforce shortages by incentivizing highly skilled foreign graduates to remain in Busan. Successful applicants receive a residency visa, contingent upon a recommendation from the Busan Mayor and approval from the Ministry of Justice’s Immigration Office. To date, 52 out of the 120 allocated visa slots have been filled, with additional recruitment set to be announced in early June.

Busan’s Youth and Industry-Academia Policy Officer, emphasized the significance of the event: “By encouraging talented international students to join Busan’s specialized and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), we are fostering a sustainable ecosystem that addresses population decline and labor shortages. This job fair is pivotal in enhancing Busan’s global competitiveness, particularly in key industries such as shipbuilding equipment and tourism.”

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