Busan to Host Global Gathering 2024 in Celebration of World Day for Cultural Diversity

The festivities extend beyond Global Gathering 2024, as Busan celebrates Global Week from May 17th to 25th.

Maru Kim
Maru Kim

Busan, South Korea – In celebration of World Day for Cultural Diversity, the city of Busan is set to host Global Gathering 2024 on May 18th at the Busan Cinema Center. The festival, running from 10 AM to 6 PM, will feature participants from 41 countries and 77 organizations, bringing together an estimated 13,000 global citizens.

Organized by the Busan Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Justice, and coordinated by the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation and the Busan Immigration Office, the event promises a day filled with vibrant cultural exchange and unity.

The outdoor plaza of the Busan Cinema Center will be transformed into a cultural hub, showcasing traditional and contemporary performances from countries such as China, the Philippines, Ecuador, Kenya, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, Mongolia, India, Cameroon, Italy, and South Korea.

One of the highlights of the festival is the “All-Star English” special live broadcast, featuring singer Kim Jo-han of Solid. This event, part of the “Enjoy English Week,” will include a citizen pop song singing contest, adding a musical flair to the festivities.

The festival will also offer various booths where attendees can directly experience global cultures. These include displays of traditional crafts, international cuisine, cultural activities, and tourism promotional giveaways from different countries in South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Additionally, on the 6th floor of the Cinema Center, in collaboration with the Korea-Africa Foundation (KAF) and the Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival (BIKY), there will be a special screening and educational program titled “Stories of Global Citizens in Films,” providing free movie viewings as part of a global citizenship education initiative.

The festivities extend beyond Global Gathering 2024, as Busan celebrates Global Week from May 17th to 25th. This period includes a variety of international events such as the Africa Film Festival (May 9th-23rd), the 2024 Busan Diplomatic Corps Invitation (May 17th-18th), the Enjoy English Week (May 17th-19th), the Korea-China-Japan Children’s Art Fair (May 18th-June 2nd), the Diamond Bridge International Walking Festival (May 19th), World Day for Cultural Diversity celebration (May 20th), the “Stories of Our Neighborhood” competition (May 20th), and a job fair for international students (May 23rd).

Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon emphasized the significance of the festival, stating, “Global Gathering 2024 epitomizes the theme ‘People of the Global City,’ offering a platform for residents of diverse nationalities in Busan to engage, communicate, and harmonize. We warmly invite all citizens to join and celebrate this vibrant display of cultural diversity.”

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