Busan Hosts Foreign Diplomats to Showcase its Global Hub City Potential

This year's theme, “Global Hub City Busan,” stresses the city’s efforts to establish a legal and institutional framework supporting its global ambitions.

Maru Kim
Maru Kim

Busan, South Korea – In an effort to bolster its image as a global hub, the city of Busan has initiated a special event, inviting diplomats from 12 countries to highlight its unique competitive advantages. The two-day event, starting today, aims to strengthen international cooperation and promote Busan’s strategic urban policies.

The “2024 Diplomatic Corps Invitation to Busan” marks the eighth consecutive year of this event. Initiated in 2017, the program’s primary goal is to enhance mutual cooperation between nations and to elevate Busan’s global brand value. This year, the event will host 19 representatives from 12 countries, including new ambassadors from Argentina, Honduras, the Czech Republic, Congo, and Sudan.

The event’s agenda includes a series of strategic activities aimed at fostering international collaboration and promoting Busan’s vision as a global hub city. Key activities are:

  • Networking Dinner (May 17): Diplomats and city officials will gather at the Paradise Hotel for a dinner aimed at showcasing Busan’s policies and fostering mutual cooperation.
  • Busan Global Citizen Festival (May 18): Diplomats will attend the opening ceremony of the festival, emphasizing Busan’s cultural and global outreach.
  • Yacht Tour: Highlighting Busan’s maritime charm, diplomats will tour the city’s waterfront, including landmarks like the Gwangandaegyo Bridge and Haeundae Beach.

This year’s theme, “Global Hub City Busan,” stresses the city’s efforts to establish a legal and institutional framework supporting its global ambitions. The event will focus on promoting the “Special Act for Busan Global Hub City,” showcasing Busan’s differentiated strengths to the attending diplomats.

Director of the International Cooperation and Urban Diplomacy Policy Team, emphasized the strategic importance of this year’s event. “We aim to imprint the vision and future value of Busan as a southern hub city, elevating it alongside Seoul as a key growth axis for South Korea.”

Notable attendees include leaders from Busan’s public corporations and investment agencies, such as the Busan Urban Corporation and Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency. The Busan Consular Corps, featuring prominent figures like Kang Eui-gu, Honorary Consul of Portugal, and Chang Je-guk, Honorary Consul of Hungary, will also play a significant role in the event.

Director of Tourism and MICE at Busan City, expressed optimism about the event’s outcomes. “Busan’s urban brand stands shoulder to shoulder with global cities. This event is a pivotal opportunity to reinforce Busan’s unique value and enhance its competitiveness as a global hub city. We will continue to foster substantial exchanges and cooperation with the diplomatic corps in South Korea to ensure Busan’s growth and recognition on the global stage.”

Since its inception, the Diplomatic Corps Invitation program has seen increasing participation, with notable past events focusing on urban regeneration, maritime culture, and financial cooperation. Each year’s engagement has helped Busan build robust international networks, paving the way for future collaborations.

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