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Busan Enhances Promotional Efforts to Attract Greater China Tourism as Market Rebounds

Through these promotional marketing efforts, Busan aspires to solidify its reputation as an alluring tourism

K-Content Takes the Lead as Korea’s Representative Image

the consumption of K-content has a positive impact on the usage of Korean products and

Busan’s Annual Craft Beer Masters Challenge Returns to the Cinema Center

In what has now become a cherished tradition, the Busan Cinema Center is set to

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Disney Initiates Layoffs as Job Cuts Sweep Across US Companies Amidst Economic Uncertainty

These layoffs reflect the company's efforts to adapt to the rapidly changing media industry landscape

By Maru Kim

Apple Vision Pro: A New Era of Augmented Reality

Just as the iPhone brought the digital world into the palms of our hands, the

By Maru Kim

Korea Resumes Issuing Short-term Visas to Chinese Travelers

The government of Korea has announced that it will resume the issuance of short-term visas

By Maru Kim