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Gadeokdo New Airport to Open Sooner with Innovative Landfill Construction Method

The proposed method is expected to greatly reduce the amount of landfill required for the

Civil Society Groups Urge Swift Action to Protect People from Risks Posed by AI Technologies like ChatGPT

The ongoing debate about AI's future trajectory and its impact on society underscores the urgent

Job Seekers Flock to Hyundai Motor Group’s Recruitment Page for Production Line Workers

Hyundai's focus on providing improved workplace welfare and a high average annual salary of $73,500

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Busan Metropolitan City to Replace Concrete Manhole Covers to Enhance Pedestrian Safety

The initiative by Busan Metropolitan City to replace all concrete manhole covers with metal ones

By Maru Kim

BNK Kyongnam Bank Embezzlement Scandal: The Largest in Korean Financial History

Furthermore, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of regulatory bodies in

By Maru Kim

Shadows of Jeju Uprising

The Jeju Uprising, with its harrowing stories of suffering and loss, serves as a stark

By Maru Kim