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Apple Pay set to launch in South Korea on March 21

The introduction of Apple Pay in South Korea is an important step for the mobile

Korea’s Agricultural Land Restrictions Limit Urban Farming Opportunities

To promote the development of urban farming in Korea, policymakers need to consider relaxing the

‘Busan Blockchain Technology Innovation Support Center’ to Open at BIFC

The center has opened on the 8th floor of the Busan International Finance Center (BIFC)

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YK Steel’s Busan Plant Site: A Potential Residential Development in the Making

Additionally, with 12 knowledge industry centers planned to be built in the Sinpyeong-Jangnim General Industrial

By Maru Kim

The Threat of SLAPP Suits: South Korea and the Need for Stronger Anti-SLAPP Legislation

There have been some efforts in South Korea to address the issue of SLAPP suits.

By Maru Kim

RE100 vs. CF100: Why South Korea Should Choose a Renewable Future

These disputes between France and Germany demonstrate the complexities of international cooperation on climate policy

By Maru Kim